Saturday, June 22, 2013

Slacker Mommy

I clearly have been avoiding my blogging duties, but I have photos to make up for it! 

Amelia telling Matt a story. She talks with her hands just a bit. :)

Mid-tumble. She takes gymnastics at school and LOVES to practice her tumbles.

This great shot is courtesy of Matt's cousin-in-law (I might be making up that phrase) Sean Carter. He took it during a Mother's Day/Graduation brunch. If anyone has tips on getting her hands out of her mouth I'm all ears.

Amelia's current obsession is dresses. She has to have one on everyday. Nana sent her some sundresses and she's been modeling them for me.

And the current favorite dress - the long blue one. 

Soccer practice. She's just started, and is the youngest one on the team, but she gets very excited every Wednesday for soccer practice. Actually participating is another story...

Occasionally she will actually kick the ball instead of carrying it around.

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