Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Growing Up - aka Who Stole My Baby?

 What is this? Amelia can ride her trike all by herself? Thankfully she still needs help with the turning and doesn't know how to brake, so we've still got time till she takes on the neighborhood. And I'm not at all freaked out that we live at the top of a hill, and because we're at the t of an intersection, she could probably get all the way to the river without having to do much peddling.

 But she does know that she has to wear her bike helmet whenever she rides her trike, and that BOTH her parents will be REQUIRED to wear one too if they go biking together. Since neither of us owns a bike, this is probably a moot point, but I'm a little obsessive about it and Matt is not. He said he never wore one growing up, but he didn't LIVE AT THE TOP OF THE HILL THAT CAN TAKE HER TO THE RIVER. Also, I took multiple trips over the handle bars growing up and know how important they are.
 I let Amelia help me paint an Ikea table we've owned forever to try and get a few more months out of it. I had her take off her top, but let her keep her pants on. I should have gotten her a shower cap. We used four different colors while painting, but somehow she only got blue on her. Trying to get the blue out of her hair is not my favorite bath memory.
She also has been taking great pleasure in playing with bubbles recently.
Apparently I'm not fully trained in bubbles, because after I blew a couple of bubbles she took them back and wouldn't give them to me again.
She also received her first birthday party invite from preschool. Since this is from her "special friend", I think she has to go. If it was from the kid who tore her book and punched her in the ear during circle time, I think we could let her pass. 

She's still into Mary Poppins (and all the songs from it), but has added Cars 2 and Sound of Music (aka Mommy's movie) to the rotation. I haven't even tried to explain that Maria and Mary Poppins are actually the same person. That would just confuse her and then lead to all sorts of questions (like, why aren't Jane and Michael in the other movie, etc). She has to understand how things fit together - she does have some of Matt in her -and that would blow her world up. She understands that Matt has brown eyes because Grandma and Pepere have brown eyes, and that I have blue eyes because Nana and Grandfather have blue eyes, but she doesn't question the pairings. Which is good. Because then we'd need to replace the photos on the fridge with a family tree, and that would get weird real fast.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of Preschool

Even though Amelia has been in "school" for over a year, today is the official start of preschool. We dressed her up more than usual because I insisted on photos.

I love my daddy.

One last applesauce and hug for her baby before heading out. Also, it's a little creepy how much she looks like me.

And this is how you can tell she's my daughter. She also thinks a skirt with pockets is the coolest thing ever. She a little obsessed with pockets and this is the first skirt she's worn that has pockets.

Painfully cute.

Have a great day Amelia!