Thursday, October 20, 2011


Those who have spent any length of time with Amelia will agree that she's a lunatic. A fun, adorable, loving lunatic, but a lunatic nonetheless. This gave me an idea. Add some fringe and you have Lunatic Fringe. I think this may be a sign I've lived in DC too long.  Matt's mom was kind enough to make this cape Amelia can wear for Halloween because there seems to be a lack of Lunatic Fringe outfits at Target. She also made a red furry suit and hat so Amelia can be Elmo if she decides that she won't wear the cape. I'm debating wearing the cape myself if Amelia goes as Elmo. Either way it will be great outfit for every election night. Yeah, I've been in DC too long when there are special election day outfits.

Friday, October 14, 2011

18 Months

Ok, who pushed the fast forward button on this year? Please stop it.

I can't believe Amelia is 18 months old and having mini conversations with us. They mainly involve telling us where to sit so we can play together, asking to watch Elmo, or asking for food. She also talks to Teddy and is constantly asking "Are you T?" (Where are you Teddy?) when they run around the backyard together. She smiles constantly and always has to tilt her head when she says "please." She can walk and gallop, but prefers to run. There's not much she won't eat, but if you say "ice cream" in front of her she won't eat anything till she's had ice cream. She still sleeps with more books than toys, but has recently started sleeping under the covers (at least at the beginning of the night) and will crawl into bed to read her bedtime stories. She decided that her small pillow wasn't big enough and stole one of my pillows for her bed. She's outgrown the dinosaur ride-on toy she got for Christmas, but will still push it around to listen to the music. She dances almost every time she hears music, unless there are people around to watch. She's in a big time Mommy phase, except when Matt is not home. She makes us crazy and thinks it's funny. She's a beautiful and amazing little girl who recently learned to say "I love you." There's not that much baby left in her, but we're holding on tight to the parts that are. Amelia, we love you very much and can't believe the joy you've brought us.

Official 18 month stats.
Weight: 25 lb, 12 oz (75%)
Length: 34 1/2 in (97%)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Pics and Updates

Hey there! I like to party like rockstar!
I love being the center of attention. Also, flying.
Amelia with her uncle and aunts. (From left to right: Hugh, Anne, Mrs. Bunny Thompson, Amanda.) You can see why the Facebook facial recognition software had some issues with my family.
The new extended family. Pete's parents are on the right. When our family grows much more I don't think we'll all fit in one photo. Currently: Dad and Mary, 6 siblings, 4 spouses/might as well be married, and 1 grandchild = really hard to get in the same place, let alone the same photo.
Kent gave Amelia a panda hat in honor of one of the Giants players. She liked it, but only for short periods of time.
Now a few from the wedding itself. Anne, me and the bride.
And one cute one of Bunny and Dad. My dad looks so much like his father that I kept doing a double take. All he's missing are the glasses. At least Will and Hugh know what they will look like when they get older.
Thanks to Madison for the photos. You can find her and Bunny baking at

As for us, we are doing pretty well and almost completely unpacked. The big thing left is our 12 boxes of books. We're figuring out where we want to put the bookcases we need. Amelia and I bought some flowers for the front flower boxes yesterday. She selected yellow, but I think that's because it's her current default color. I tried to get her to help with the watering, but that did not go well. She had just had some ice cream, so at least she was cleaned up from that.

Matt's still enjoying his new job and the lack of travel. Which is good because I have been one the road almost once a week recently. I've actually been to San Francisco twice since the wedding, and I have another two trips there in the next six weeks.

Amelia LOVES her daycare. Sometimes the only way to get her to go to sleep is to tell her that she will get to see her teachers (and Hunter or Cole depending on her mood) the next day. This morning she made a beeline for Cole when we walked in. Matt and I have babyproofed her door so she can't get out, but we're looking for ways to keep her locked in there till she's 30. She's becoming more verbal by the day. Now she can usually tell us what she wants, or at least get close enough. She's also very good with naming body parts. Ear, hair and eye are the favorites, but she also enjoys pulling up her shirt to show off her belly. She's going to be trouble when she gets older and has more words and moves. She's going to give at least one of us a heart attack, and both of us high blood pressure.