Friday, February 25, 2011

Future Hoarder?

This is how Amelia sleeps. At least three books (I think she's laying on one in this photo), her monkey lovely, a couple of burp cloths, a stuffed hippo, and a sea horse that plays music. There's also an aquarium attached to her crib for more music and entertainment. (If you look closely you can see where she's started to chew on the crib and left teeth marks next to the aquarium.) The funniest part is everything moves in the night. I took this picture last night (notice her leg is blurry because she can't stand still even in her sleep) and when I had put her down the monkey, hippo, and duck book were all up by her head. We've also moved her off the white noise to this. But we need to get some more because I think hearing "Hotel California" 10 times a night probably isn't the greatest idea.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nana and Poppy Visit

Of which I have no pictures. Because I can never seem to remember to bring it out anymore. Poppy (Kent - my stepfather) did try his hardest to get pictures of Amelia smiling, but every time he broke out the camera she would stop smiling, so he would put it away and then she'd break into smiles again. There was lots of playing with Amelia, snuggling when she would slow down enough for it, and laughing. Amelia also showed them her books. She doesn't really want you to read them to her, she wants to flip through them and make up her own story.

Amelia got to go to the swings and has figured out how to put her arms out in front of her and her legs behind her so she looks like she's flying. The giggle that comes out of her mouth when she's in the swings is the greatest noise in the world.

We also had dinner at my aunt's house with all the extended family. It was fun, especially because Amelia has a "cousin" about 7 months older than her. They were very wary of each other in the beginning, but warmed up as the night went on. This will also go down as the first night Amelia had a good chunk of birthday cake. Between the 12 people there, 5 had birthday days in the last month. Thankfully Amelia didn't end up getting too wound up from all the sugar and slept well that night.

The last night my parents were here we had friends over for dinner so everyone could watch the Amelia show. While she can play shy, she loves being the center of attention. That evening she showed us how she makes her hands "twinkle" when you sing Twinkle Little Star, and how she can stack blocks. She set her new personal best with a tower of blocks 5 high with no adult interference. And in a move that pleased her Godfather, and will please her Grandfather, she began to show interest in her tennis ball and figuring out how it bounces.

It was a great visit, including a surprise call from my brother in the Air Force while we were out shopping, but unfortunately we don't know when the next one will be. Things are getting complicated around here (more on that later) (but it doesn't involve Amelia getting a sibling so don't get any ideas) so we're not sure when we're going to be in CA or they're going to come out here. So I'll try and get better about the photos, but I can't guarantee anything. She's quick and is usually more interested in playing with the camera than posing.

Monday, February 14, 2011

We Are So Screwed

It looks like from now on all photos of Amelia will have to take place while she is strapped into something. Why? Aside from her crawling at record speeds, this one took her first steps this weekend. Her first target? Teddy. She'll also walk between Matt and I , but is much more likely to do it when she thinks we aren't watching her. So far four steps is the record, but I'm sure she'll be running circles in no time.

She's gotten better about petting Teddy and being "gentle", but will still grab fists of Teddy's hair to pull herself up to standing. Teddy is a very good sport about it, but one of these days one of the is going to the doctor because of an injury from the other.

After a day out of commission due to a cold, we took her to the park on Sunday to burn off some of her energy. She still loves the swing, was ok about the slide, and was not into the tunnel. There is a steering wheel there that she enjoyed turning repeatedly. But swings are still by far the favorite.

She's also eating more and more "real" food and rejecting the baby food. That is, unless it is in a bowl and we let her try to feed herself. She's determined to do it herself and fights off most attempts to help. The picture above is a mini bagel with cream cheese that she enjoyed for breakfast. Teddy is enjoying this new way of eating because Amelia's way of letting you know she's done is to start to dropping the food off the side of her high chair.

While it's great to see her grow, I can't believe how big she's gotten or how grown up she seems. There are two pictures in her room of her as a tiny baby and she doesn't recognize herself. I barely recognize that baby. Slow down little girl, you'll get there soon enough, but we want to enjoy our baby for a little longer.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Photos Galore!

Or at least what I have in my phone. Amelia has taken to crawling or cruising over to wherever the camera or camcorder is and trying to rub her hands on the lens. This is proving difficult to take pictures of her, which is why she's strapped into something in most of these photos.

Here we are on the plane back from Florida. Amelia figured out how to undo the airplane seat belt, so we had 20 minutes of fun undoing it and then buckling again. And trying to avoid the boy looking like he was getting over the plague.

Here she is in the new carseat, while seated in our living room. Since she's so long she grew out of her other one but she could have stayed in it for another 10 pounds. I can't imagine carrying around the old one with a 29 pound baby.

Occasionally she will smile and wave as asked. I believe it took 15 tries to get this photo to send to Matt while he was on travel. She's also holding the teapot that sings with a British accent. I really think it should play "God Save The Queen" and I'm a little disappointed every time it doesn't.

In messier news, Amelia is starting to work on feeding herself. This was her first lunch with mini raviolis that she fed entirely to herself. We kept Teddy in her crate so there wouldn't be a temptation to feed the dog instead.

She's very pleased with how well she did. Also, she would like some puffs to round out the meal. Apparently puffs made from kale are like crack to this child.

In other news, she's becoming more and more verbal. In the past week she's repeated bath, puppy, up, and has a word for her monkey lovey. She also talks non-stop. I'll take it over fully learning to walk right now. She still needs one hand on something, but we're getting close. She's done one or two steps, but those were more like lunges at either Matt or Teddy. Unfortunately when she was lunging for Teddy she didn't realize it and walked away mid-lunge and Amelia end up face first on the floor.

Amelia has also developed a love of looking at pictures. It can be on the wall (she can point out Mommy and Daddy in the pictures) or in books. She will spend at least the first 10 minutes every time she goes into her crib "reading" to the various items in there. She often wakes up with a book imprinted on her face. We're raising a little nerd. Just like her parents.