Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Talking and Standing

Amelia has started becoming more and more vocal. It's been fun to see her start talking to us more and more. She's also becoming a flirt. I think this is going to be rough in a couple of years.

She's also started trying to stand. There are times that nothing else will make her happy. We don't mind it, but it does get tiring fast. I'm going to have Michelle Obama arms by the end of the summer at this rate.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Six Weeks Old

Amelia has continued to grow and show more of her personality. She's a happy baby, and one of the more laid back babies I've ever met.
She's even gotten over her aversion to hats, which is good as the weather gets really nice. I've managed to figure out how to walk with her in the Baby Bjorn and Teddy on the leash. I even managed to hold her in while she was trying to climb out, pick up Teddy poop, and keep Teddy away from the squirrels at the same time. I am awesome.
She thinks she's pretty cute. We tend to agree.
She's even started laughing occasionally. It's the greatest noise ever.

Stages of Being a Red Sox Fan

This is our year. We're going to win it all.

I will make him a trade offer he can't refuse.

What is Dice-K doing??!?!?

Oh no, Papi hit into the shift again.

Why can't Pedroia play every position? He's little but has a lot of heart.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Baby on the Move

Amelia is working on moving as much as possible. I decided to try and get some of it on video, with some interesting results.

This is how I spend my days...tummy time and Teddy.

Here we have Amelia trying to make friends with the octopus on her playmat.

And finally, the closest to video of her rolling over that I've been able to get. This is more falling off a pillow, but you get the idea.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day and Happy One Month Birthday

It's been an amazing month and a wonderful first Mother's Day.

I think Amelia is kind of a fan of us too.

Amelia also got a visit from her Grandma this weekend. Grandma thought about taking her home in her luggage, but was kind enough to leave her with us.

She continues to grow and get more engaged with us. This weekend we packed up the first round of clothes she's outgrown. By our unofficial count she's 24 inches long and over 10 pounds.

She's also helping her Dad root for the Red Sox, but they are not making it easy for her this season.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week Three

It's been a pretty good week, with Amelia showing more personality all the time.

What are you looking at?
Yeah, I know I'm cute.
Look how big I'm getting!
I can look serious also.

She's been working hard at her tummy time.

Amelia is growing like a weed, with an appetite to match. She's also still working on the rolling over. She's made it from her front to back again, but still working on the other way. She has also started following toys with her eyes as we hold them in front of her.