Wednesday, May 23, 2012

And I Jinxed Myself

So right after noting Amelia's obsession with her bedding she came down with pink eye. And now I'm spending a large part of the day doing laundry so she can have all the blankets every night. Awesome.

EDITED: Now I have pink eye. I should really shut up and quit jinxing myself and Amelia.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Uncle Will

I got an unexpected call from my brother Will on Thursday. His band was playing in DC on Thursday night and he wanted to come over and see us on Friday morning. So, Amelia hung out at home with me till Uncle Will came. At first she was kind of scared and REALLY shy. I had been showing her pictures of him, but I think she was a little spooked. But that lasted about three minutes. Then the Amelia show started. I forgot to take pictures, but it involved playing with her big bouncy ball, books and then using Will as a human playground. She had a great time and Will enjoyed playing with her, but I think he's not going to reconsider his decision not to have children any time soon.

In what I can only assume is an problem with the calendar, Will turns 30 next week and my youngest brother Hugh turns 21. To top it off my youngest sister Amanda is now a fully licensed driver. California - you have been warned. Them aging bothers me much more than my own age. Of course, check back next fall when I'm staring 35 in the face and see how I feel then.

And now on to something completely unrelated. Amelia is a hoarder. This is currently being played out most notably on her bed. She switches between the two mattresses and the chair, but every time she does that entire pile of blankets and pillows has to come with her. We have her Auntie Moira blanket, her Great Grandma Ben blanket, her Aunt Teresa blankets, the rainbow blanket (made by Auntie Kim's mother), her octopus blanket (from her crib set), her goldfish blanket (a blanket with bunnies on it from Aunt Bunny - she thinks they look like fish), her doggie blanket (she can put part of it on her head and pretend she's a dog) and finally the mommy blanket. If you look at the very bottom of the pile there's a yellow blanket with red and blue stripes; that was on my bed when I was about her age. It even has the patchwork to prove that it was well loved. My mom sent me that blanket, along with another one of my favorites, and I decided to actually use this one (the other one has been loved a little more) than just put it in box in the attic. There are also three pillows, including the one she stole off my side of the bed, at the top. If you go in after she's asleep it takes a minute to find her. Last night she was on the floor between the mattresses completely uncovered. All you can do is laugh and move some of the covers.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a nice Mother's Day yesterday. Or as good of a day as you can have with a two year old. We had a quiet morning, followed by brunch with family, an afternoon nap, and then a trip to Home Depot. In a shocking turn of events, Amelia is obsessed with pushing boundaries and seeing how independent we'll let her be. This has lead to a decent amount of time spent in time-out. She seems to think that I'm softer than Matt, which is untrue but she's in a serious mommy-stalking-repeating-and I will only hold her hand or sit with her-phase, so I am much preferred over Matt. Also, she doesn't know that I once put a sibling in time-out and forgot about them for about 45 minutes. (The really bad part is I'm not even sure which one it was. I think it was Hugh or Anne. Sorry.)

Not listening. (And can someone else have a baby soon because Baby Alex is moving to Berlin this summer and I will no longer be able to use him as a bribe) My goal was to get her wishing a happy mother's day to each of her grandmothers and her godmother, but I didn't get any of them in the end.

And this is why two is not my favorite age.

Happy Mother's Day! I'd like to thank Matt for being such a great Dad and partner in raising Amelia. If it weren't for him I would have ended up in a loony bin a long time ago. He's also currently taking the brunt of the acting out, so I appreciate that he hasn't signed up for additional work travel to get a break.

Also, Teddy loves you too Matt, but she's busy sleeping.