Thursday, August 23, 2012

Odds and Ends

Amelia is a child that loves routine. Every day after school she comes home and has to take out every toy that she's currently obsessed with. Thankfully she's pretty good about packing it up at the end of the night. Every group (Thomas, Cars, Nemo, Muppets) has it's designated location and you better not mess with it or Amelia will come after you.
I was trying to get her to cuddle up to Matt. She had to think about it.
This is as close as she would go.

And on an unrelated note; my sister Amanda is now the proud owner of a silver medal in the World Rowing Championships. Here she is with her teammates. Guess which one is the coxswain? Yup, Amanda is the one on the far left who doesn't reach the shoulder of the girl next to her. We're so proud of her and wish we could have been there. She's eligible for the Junior Olympic team again next year, so we may be taking a summer trip to Trakai, Lithuania for the finals there. And if she continues to kick ass and take names, Rio in 2016.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What Did You Just Say?

Amelia is now at the age where she grasps something and then will not stop talking about it. For example, she's been reading "Finding Nemo" and would not stop asking about where Nemo's mommy is. I tried to tell her that Nemo's mommy was on a trip, but she wouldn't buy that. Finally I told her that there were different kinds of families. Some have a mommy and a daddy, some have two mommies, some have two daddies, and some only have one mommy or one daddy, like Nemo. Her reply was that she wanted to have two mommies. After I said no, you have a mommy and a daddy, she added "And a Teddy." Yes Amelia, we have a Teddy. She hasn't mentioned Nemo's mommy since then, but is obsessed with finding a Dory to go with her Nemo and Marlin.

She has also become obsessed with where Daddy works. She kept insisting that he worked at the Metro station because we picked him up there once. I kept saying he works in the city. Once I mentioned he had to go on a bridge because it's on the other side of the river, she's been good with that. We went into the city to have dinner with friends and Amelia loved going over the bridge and was happy there were no trolls. She had been very concerned about the possibility of trolls collecting a toll. She's also quick to comment on our driving. Apparently Matt needs to go faster and I need to go slower. We both are told about every traffic light we come across.

She's picking up phrases and trying them out to see how she likes them. We were in Home Depot on Sunday and she looked at me and told me to "get out of her face". I whipped around and asked "What did you say?" She repeated it and then put her head down and laughed. I used the "do not eff with me" voice and told her she was not allowed to say that to anyone, but especially mommy and daddy. I walked away to grab something and I heard her say it quietly to herself and then laugh really quietly. I've tried to tell her that she's not sneaky or subtle, but she hasn't figured that out yet.

But her favorite activity by far is singing. It starts in the morning and only ends when she passes out a night. It's always a jumble of songs that she puts together, but she sings it with gusto. She doesn't do anything halfway. After we put her down for the night you can always hear her singing for at least 10 minutes before she falls asleep.