Monday, March 11, 2013

Lousy Smarch Resolutions

So this time I'm going to try and post pictures more often. Seriously. We'll see how it goes.

This weekend we had the nicest weather in a long time. Amelia and I took advantage by doing some painting outside. She's the only child I know who loves using brushes more than her hands. I take that back, I wouldn't be surprised if Matt did. She was very confused that I let her use a "work shirt" of mine, but I'm not going to wear it anymore so it might as well get some use.

She is now 95% potty trained for the daytime. This has brought back an unexpected photo opportunity. Depending on the underwear/legging combination you can see the characters thru her pants. It's not fully noticeable here, but there's a big Finn McMissle (Cars 2) on her bum. My brother used to wear Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle underwear under his white baseball pants and I swear you could see the turtles when he was playing right field. He will never live that down.

Before we went to London, my parents visited (Nana and Poppy) and they had sent Amelia this trampoline. We put it together and she LOVES it. The point was to calm her down, but unfortunately it only gets her more excited. But she does love to lie down on it. Here she's dressed in her Rapunzel dress and Stanford Sierra Camp sweatshirt. She's a stylish little one.

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